The modular sofa that fits you perfectly

The module concept gives you an unique opportunity to create your new sofa group - just the way you like it. Let your creativity run freely by putting together the modules in your own personal way. Play with different expressions with Cane-line's many modular collections. Depending on the colors and materials, you can achieve very different expressions for your interior and exterior.
Choose the modules you want for your sofa group and customize it to suit your needs. The good and functional thing about the module concept is, that you can always add a module or remove an extra corner - the possibilities are many. Design your own sofa and add a personal touch to your décor.
The module concept also gives you new possibilities when it comes to meeting your interior and exterior design needs.
Maybe the family is growing and there is a need for an expansion of the sofa group, or maybe you have moved to a house with more space. With a modular sofa you can easily add an extra module or side table to your lounge area.
The opposite may be that the children have moved out and you are no longer in a need for a large sofa. Then you can easily redesign your sofa, make your sofa group smaller by removing a module or two, and then use them somewhere else in your decor. The combinations are many!
Whether you are in need for a 2-seater, a 3-seater, a corner module, a side module or one of each, you have plenty of options for designing your new sofa group to fit your needs and your home perfectly.